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About NAD+ Cycle Coaching

NAD+ Cycle Coaching has been operating for over a decade. Offering coaching that can challenge you and reward your hard work. We are not your cheer squad, but support you with our simple philosophy.

"We Are 110% committed, The rest is up to you"


Coaching, Is it a  science or an art? In my experience you need a sensible amount of both.

My skill is being able to tune in to the athlete. Listening, seeing and feeling their cues.  Using useful data to strive for improvements and not heavy nonsensical data which can bog you down.

My coaching journey has seen me help individuals across a varied terrain of events such as Alp du Huez triathlon, Mount Kilimanjaro trek ascents, Ironman and 70.3, 3 Peaks, National Masters cycle championships, World Sportive Championships, Convict 100mtb marathon, Reef to Reef MTB Stage race, L'tap events.

AusCycle accredited coach

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